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Roanoke Estates

Homes in Roanoke Estates may reflect a little age, since most were built in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  But in this case age is a reflection of great traits for family living.  First, there are mature trees—trees which provide shady yards for play and recreation, reduce air conditioning bills during the summer and act as wind breaks during the winter.   These trees also personalize each home site and provide privacy and a sense of ownership.

Another advantage of age is the sense of community that has developed over the years.  Homeowners know what is important to the neighborhood and have history and organizational skills to maintain the activities that provide for its safety, pride, and cleanliness.  The Roanoke Neighborhood Association meets regularly and communicates with homeowners through its newsletter and web site.  It works closely with city government through its Citizen Patrol and has close contact with the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department which maintains Roanoke’s neighborhood park and public swimming pool as well as a near-by public golf course.  The Association also plans for the September Neighborhood Night Out,  a spring clean-up/fix-up day, and a neighborhood garage sale.  It also helps to arrange fundraisers for neighborhood families in need.

In reflecting age, the homes themselves are the main attraction.  They are located close to OPS schools, churches, convenient shopping, and many employment sites.  Entertainment venues, including ball parks, soccer fields, fishing and boating lakes, and restaurants and bars are a short walk or drive away.  Many residences have new siding and roofs and remodeled kitchens and baths.  When comparing these homes to a new one in the same price range ($100,000-$175,000), square footage and room sizes are almost always larger in Roanoke Estates.

Trees, larger well-maintained homes at moderate prices, location, and a true sense of community—lots to think about!

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